base生活 | 这是MINI有史以来最大的一场展

摘要: 作为MINI的合作伙伴,base将加入本次URBAN MATTERS活动,共同呈现城市生活印象

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作为MINI的合作伙伴,base将加入本次URBAN MATTERS活动,共同呈现城市生活印象展,一起发掘、创造、实现, 以设计为驱动的都市解决方案,用设计的力量,改造城市未来。

base and MINI share the same vision that by combining the tradition and the modern, we will curate a Urban Life Exhibition for this URBAN MATTERS event, to eventually invite creative force from different industries to explore, create and find design solution for a brighter urban life. 



About base

base is the creative property brand of Nova. Our goal is to create inspiring, ‘human’ spaces where people, can gather, live and work together, share their love of life, ignite their ideas. Our projects are to infuse new life into neighborhoods through inspiring urban renewal, and create infinite new possibilities in living, working and dreaming, including baseLIVINGbaseWORKbaseCOMPLEX.

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